Prashant Kumar Sharma
Dr shruti kirti is just fantastic, I have dealt with anxiety disorder and behavior illness for a very long time those issues took a toll on me and it started hampering my personal life and professional life both. But after I started treatment with Dr shruti, I could see the visible changes, her approach during entire sitting is very calm and composed you will never find her in a hurry or anything, she made me so comfortable during entire session that within few sessions I started gaining my confidence back Thanks Dr shruti Truly the best psychiatrist in lucknow
Sneh Lata
Dr. Shruti kirti Raj has been instrumental in giving the field of psychiatry a new meaning. Psychiatry as a branch is virtually unknown to the common population and many psychiatric illnesses continue to have that stigma attached to it. Dr. Shruti through her patient centric approach has not only helped people with psychiatric disorders to come out and discuss their problems but also he’s helped them to lead a normal life, contrary to popular belief that psychiatric disorders are untreatable. I would recommend all individuals with any kind of psychiatric disorder to take her valuable consultation, there by making themselves free from all kinds of inhibitions attached to it. Truely Best Psychiatrist in Lucknow
Vaibhav Dubey
An amazing doctor!!! What does a patient and his dear ones need? A doctor who can hear all the concerns, diagnose well and treat the patient well. I was very skeptical about finding a good doctor in Kanpur when my father fell sick last month. Luckily he was taken to Dr Ritesh who looked after him really well and treated him with utmost care. I'm thankful to him and will always be grateful to him.
Nagma Ameen
Before six months ago I was suffering from a very serious disease that was a gland on my left breast which was too big. And from last 6 months I am under treatment of Dr Vibhor Mehendru. He treat me well , now I don't feels pain anywhere and I feels so relax all the time. I never seen a person like you before, your ability, speciality and your behaviour also very very good. Thank you so much Dr Vibhor Mehendru for treat me well. God bless you more......
Ankita Banerjee
Dr. Apeksha is truly one of the best gynecologists in Lucknow.Her caring nature towards her patients makes her unique.I trust her completely.I Would highly recommend Dr. Apeksha to others, you will always feel that you are in safe hands.
kreamy Kosmos
Dr Vibhor Mahendru is an excellent oncologist and a great human being. my uncle was suffering from cancer of the voice box. everyone said that the voice box needed to be removed. however dr vibhor mahenged it with medicines only and its been a year my uncle is 100 percent ok. his staff is also very polite and couteous and highly competent.