Brain and Spine Care

The Brain and Spine Surgery at Alyantra Medicity Super Speciality Hospital is a dedicated unit for all surgical interventions related to brain and spine conditions. Our expert team closely works with other specialists in neurology, oncology, neuroradiology, and orthopaedics to diagnose, treat, and manage your symptoms, to improve your quality of life.

Brain and Spine accepts high quality papers from a wide variety of research areas, such as basic science at a molecular level, translational research and clinical epidemiology through to population health at a societal level. More specifically, the journal publishes papers that emphasize the fast growing biomedical fields of genomics, molecular sciences, biomechanical engineering, computer navigation and 3-D reconstruction techniques, experimental clinical research, as well as papers from the growing public health fields of clinical epidemiology, medical decision analysis, psychology, bio-ethics and prediction modelling at a population level.

Brain & Spine Care

What we treat

  •   Brain Tumour
  •   Arthroscopic Surgery
  •   Spine Tumour
  •   Traumatic Brain Injury
  •   Stroke
  •   Disc Prolapse
  •    Aneurysm
  •   Slip Disc Back Pain
  •    Migraine
  •   Services Image 2 Encephalopathy
  •    Cerebral Palsy
  •   Encephalopathy