Plastic Surgeon

The Department of Plastic Surgery provides comprehensive care to patients by restoring and improving their physical attributes with the help of diverse reconstruction surgeries which help them to live a better life. Although plastic surgery are used interchangeably and are considered closely related specialties, there is a slight difference between the two based on the purpose and outcomes to be achieved. In cosmetic surgery, the primary objective is to beautify or enhance the appearance of the individual and improve the overall symmetry and proportion, and aesthetic appeal of the individual. These can be performed on any body part including neck, head, face, hand, legs, etc.

The key goal of plastic surgery is to correct the dysfunctional areas of the body with the help of reconstruction surgery. The body defects can occur as a result of trauma, birth disorders, burns, disease, or any injury. Thus, in plastic surgery, the main focus is on repairing defects by reconstruction for providing a normal function and appearance to the individual.

Plastic Surgery Treatments We Offered:

  •   Burn Repairing Surgery
  •   Hand and leg surgery
  •   Breast reconstruction surgery
  •   Birth defect repair surgery
  •   Reconstructive surgery
  •   Sex Reassignment Surgery
  •   Microvascular Surgery
  •   Diabetic foot Surgery
  •   Liposuction
  •   Abdominoplasty
  •   Botox/Filler
  •   Scar Removal
  •   Hair Transplant
  •   Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  •   Gynecomastia(Male Breast) Surgery
  •    Brachial Plexus Surgery
  •   Mommy Makeover

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