24*7 Emergency & Trauma

Emergency Care is an essential part of the health system. To provide you the best services at all time, the Emergency & Trauma Care at Alyantra Medicity Super Speciality Hospital is manned by highly skilled Emergency Doctors in Lucknow, cardiologists, neurologists, emergency dentists, and trauma specialists in Lucknow trained for handling every type of emergencies as per International standards making us one the best Emergency Medicine hospital in Lucknow.

The immediate emergency medical assistance improves the chances of effective treatment and patient survival.

The 24×7 Emergency Hospital in Lucknow offers emergency medical services like Cardiovascular Life Support Ambulances manned by qualified doctors and nurses to ensure the initial treatment starts even before the patient reaches the hospital.

The world-class trauma facility is operational 24×7 with all the modern technology and infrastructure to provide the best emergency and trauma support.


Emergency care is an integrated platform to deliver time-sensitive health care services for acute illness and injury across the life course. An Emergency Room treats many common conditions ranging from minor, non-life threatening injuries to possible heart attacks and strokes.

Emergency departments are rooms in a hospital where patients requiring emergency treatment are admitted for immediate medical care. These range from those who have sprained ankles to those with critical life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks. Trauma centers handle cases of life-threatening injuries. These centers are equipped with advanced healthcare equipment and specialized doctors and surgeons to ensure the trauma patient's survival.