The Department of Pathology at Alyantra Medicity Super Speciality Hospital is concerned with identifying the causes, origin, and nature of the disease. The pathologists take into account tasks such as detailed examination of the tissues, organs, body fluids, and autopsies for identifying, evaluating, and diagnosing the disease. The anatomical pathologists study the microscopic sample of the patients from tissue organs, body fluids, or from the entire body to identify and diagnose the reasons for illness. The key factors that are examined during a pathological examination include anatomical structure, the appearance of the cells, and the chemicals present within the cells.

On the other hand, the clinical pathologists analyze the blood, tissue, and urine samples for examining the disease. The results reveal important information and findings of blood count, electrolyte, and blood clotting results. Molecular pathology is another important discipline that has achieved remarkable progress in recent years. This focuses on the examination of the molecules within the organs, tissues, and body fluids. For instance, diseases such as cancer occur due to genetic mutations or significant alteration in the body cells of the patient. Thus, this can be diagnosed and a personalized treatment approach can be adopted.

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