Ultrasonic scans can detect problems in the internal organs of your body such as the liver, heart, kidneys and abdomen and is used to discover the causes of pain, swelling and infection. Our ultrasound is a rapid, non-invasive and harmless procedure.

Electronic Fetal Monitoring

The technique was introduced as a screening test in the 1970s in the belief that it would improve the detection of fetal hypoxaemia and reduce cerebral palsy and perinatal mortality, particularly in high risk pregnancies. Early retrospective observational studies supported the view that it was superior to intermittent auscultation using either a Pinard stethoscope or a hand held doppler ultrasound device.


An echocardiogram produces moving images so that we can make a detailed evaluation of the heart anatomy and function. We offer private echocardiograms with reports from specialized cardiac physiologists.


An X-ray is a quick and painless diagnostic test that allows you to take pictures of your body’s interior. X-rays may detect certain types of injuries, diseases, thorax, abnormal bony spurs and growths. We offer quick access to radiographic exams through expert radiologist reports.


Comprehensive cancer care, utilizing the latest medical advancements, including surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. We also offer supportive services, such as pain management, nutritional counseling and support.


We provide advanced cardiovascular care, including diagnosis, treatment and management of heart disease. Our cath lab facilities are equipped with the latest technology, including angiography and echocardiography, to enable minimally invasive procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting, to be performed safely and effectively.

Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

Round-the-clock care, with advanced life support systems and cutting-edge technology, including ventilators, cardiac monitors and dialysis machines. Highly skilled healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing compassionate care and monitoring each patient's condition closely to ensure the best possible outcomes.


An ECG (electrocardiogram) is one of the most frequently used cardiac tests, monitoring your heart rate, pulse, and electrical activity. The test detects a problem with the electrical impulses of the heart.


Specialized care for patients with respiratory disorders, including asthma, COPD, lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. We offer a range of diagnostic and treatment options, such as bronchoscopy, PFT and oxygen therapy and many more.


Our plastic surgery department offers a range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, performed by expert plastic surgeons with advanced training and expertise to provide natural-looking results and enhance patients' quality of life.

Cath Lab

ALYANTRA MEDICITY has an advanced, highly efficient Philips Clarity FD-10 Cathlab. This gives the highest clarity to view the blockages and suggest the best treatment options to the patients. Besides, the cardiologists can gain immediate access to all the required information on hemodynamic, FFR, IVUS, OCT instantly. The Live Image Guidance helps enhance safety, effective treatment, giving relevant clinical values at the time of treatment.