ICU(Intensive Care Unit)

The ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Alyantra Medicity Super Speciality Hospital has a specialized facility dedicated to offering careful monitoring, nursing, and advanced respiratory support to the patients making it one of the best ICU in Lucknow. The ICU hospital unit operates 24 hours a day by certified Emergency Medicine Doctors in Lucknow, specialists, practitioners, seasoned critical care nurses, and physicians, who are committed to providing the highest level of clinical care. This facility is backed by advanced technology like ICU ventilator, ICU monitor to ensure patient safety. Patients’ vital signs are transmitted round the clock to the ICU team so that they can swiftly respond to any changes in the patient’s health condition.


Facilities in ICU

  •   Full time Intensivist
  •   Ventilators (GE)
  •   Multipara Monitors
  •   Central Monitoring System
  •   Echocardiography / USG
  •    ECG Machine
  •   Dialysis
  •   Ultra Modern ICU Beds
  •   Isolation Bed
  •   Trained ICU nurses